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Complete by Juice Plus+

Delicious, On-The-Go Plant-Based Nutrition

Complete by Juice Plus+ shakes and bars are the perfect way to support your day, whether you’re going from meeting-to-meeting, picking up the kids or finishing a workout. Our Complete products provide balanced plant-based nutrition for healthier snacking throughout the day.

Juice Plus+ Capsules

Build a solid nutritional foundation for yourself and your family.

Imagine feeling confident about what you put in your body. We created our fruit, vegetable and berry blends to help you bridge the gap between what you should eat, and what you do eat, every day.

Omega Blend (NO FISH)

A plant-based omega blend to support your vision, brain and heart. Take plant-based omegas and live sustainably! Our Omega Blend capsules are sourced from plants and algae which makes them a better alternative to fish oil capsules.

Tower Garden 

Grow Your Own Fresh, Healthy Food

30% More, 3x Faster, with 98% Less Water

Support your Healthy Lifestyle with Sustainable Gardening

Harnessing aeroponic growing technology, Tower Garden offers a cleaner, simpler, more efficient way to grow fresh, healthy food for your family.

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