We're Trina & Tara

Educators, coaches, speakers, 

health and wellness enthusiasts 

and "all-things" sports lovers.

We are dedicated to helping moms become strong & confident ...all without mom guilt.

We're Trina & Tara

Educators, coaches, speakers, 

health and wellness enthusiasts 

and "all-things" sports lovers.

Obsessed with helping other moms 

create a life full of energy, confidence 

and self love. 


We believe every mom reserves the right to be a better 

individual, partner, mom, friend, & leader.

What we do and who this is for.

We work with moms who struggle with exhaustion, motivation and lack of time. We use our tried and proven method, the Daily Practice, we are dedicated to helping moms become strong & confident ...all without mom guilt.  

We believe every mom reserves the right to be a better individual, partner, mom, friend, & leader. Whether you’ve tried and failed everything, tried and failed some things, or you are ready to level-up your life, we know how to get you headed in the right direction immediately.

As moms ourselves, we understand that life changed when you became a mom. 

Your body changed A LOT when, at birth, it got twisted and turned inside and out. Now, life is full of demanding kids, stressful work, piled-up laundry, dirty dishes...It seems enough to keep em' alive – let alone have time for yourself. Right?

Your body doesn’t look the way you’d like it to, and your energy, your confidence is low. You look in the mirror and are pained. Where there was once lean, toned, muscles, you now see a soft muscles and fat.

You have a story in your mind that this must be the way your life is going to be. Mom life.

You hurt, you cry, you hide, you pretend and life isn’t as happy as it could be for you is it?

This is where the Daily Practice comes in. We know how to get you from:

Exhausted to energetic

Unmotivated to confident

Lacking time to creating time 

All because you love yourself again. 

You need coaches to set everything up for you. This is where we come in and we've got your back.

Who we are and how Power Mom came about

Sometimes life likes to throw a curveball and life did that to me back in October of 2004. 

I’m sitting in a large, cool conference room surrounded by windows. I turn and see a reflection. Looking back at me is a 30-year-old girl I don’t recognize. A pang of disgust enters my mind. I hate what I see and how I feel. 


How can this be me and why is this happening to me? 

Why is life taking life away from me?

Staring back at me are dull, lifeless, scared eyes.

My body is slumped exhaustedly forward.

A ray of light seems to beam off my bald head.


I’m pulled away from my thoughts as my boss asks "Trina, how did it go"? The lump in my throat grows as I try to hold back my tears. I reply "he's recommending that I do 2 more rounds of chemo". 

As the words flow from my lips, so to do my tears. 

With my hands covering my face, I break down and cry a deep, agonizing cry.


That day, that moment, is when I decided to take charge of my life. At the time, I worked for a health and wellness company. Let’s just say that while I worked there, I didn’t live the lifestyle promoted there. But I knew I needed to make some changes, so I started to learn and apply the healthy living principles they taught. 

I’m happy to say I’ve gone from: 

- Hating how I looked and felt–to loving who I am 

  inside and out.

- Scared to motivated and confident.

- Exhausted to strong and energetic.

I now make time to take care of myself and live life with clarity, purpose and passion.

Trina O'Brien 

Tara O'Brien 

As I slid into the seat of my car, the cold from outside and the exhaustion of the day, followed me. I started the car, turned on the headlights, and slowly pressed the gas. 

A feeling of dismay hit me. I didn’t want to go home. 

I stopped the car, put it into park, and had a total meltdown. I screamed at the top of my lungs and slammed my hands on the steering wheel. 


The truth is, the thought of walking in the door to my home and going from my corporate job to the job of “mom”, felt daunting. 

I loved my kids, and my wife, but the person I didn’t love was me. 

I had reached a point of disgust with myself and I didn’t know what was happening. Our twins were just a year old, and I had put them and everyone else before me. 

I had put myself on the back burner. I was unmotivated, tired, and had lost all my confidence and self-love.


My mind raced back to something I had recently read. “Do you want to be average? Because average is just like everybody else.” 

I felt a stab in my heart. Here I was living an average life. I knew there was another level that I wanted to reach. It was time to stop trying all the quick-fixes, making excuses for not working out, and start living a healthier life.


As I pressed the gas and pulled back onto the road, that was the moment I promised myself to begin living a happier, healthier and more energized life.


I went home, burst into the house, and opened up to Trina. It was as if the words of what I had just gone through couldn’t shoot out of my mouth fast enough. 

My thoughts, my feelings, it all poured out in that moment.


We decided to look for a program for moms, and interestingly enough, couldn’t find one. We asked each other “What if we take what we both know, learn a hell of a lot more, and create a program for moms ourselves? 

So, we did. 


I’ve leveled-up my life and I love who I am. 





1) When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

Tara - An astronaut 👩‍🚀

Trina - Play a professional sport - preferably soccer. ⚽️

2) What would your last meal on earth would be.

Tara - Chipotle bowl: Tofu, chicken, veggies, mixed beans, mixed rice, extra guac, cheese, sour cream with a tortilla on the side. 🥑

Trina - Mexican: Chicken taco’s or burrito with plenty of chips, salsa and guac.🌮

3) The trips you most want to take, but haven’t yet.

Tara - Every US state that I have not been to, cruise to Alaska, top private beaches in the world. 🌎

Trina - Visit US States I haven’t been to, Spain, Germany, France (Tour De France), Australia, New Zealand, Bali…there is so much beauty in this world. I don’t think my list will ever end! 📝

4) Which would you rather do: wash dishes, mow the lawn, clean the bathroom, or vacuum the house?

Tara - Mow the lawn 🏠

Trina - Mow the lawn 🏡

5) Do you like or dislike surprises? Why or why not?

Tara - Dislike. I just don’t. 😲

Trina - I think surprises are fun. I LOVE surprising people – especially my mom. 🙋‍♀️

6) If you were a super-hero, what powers would you have?

Tara - Invisible, able to fly. 👐

Trina - Turn Tara from invisible to visible. 😂😜

Two of the most common questions we get:

1) Do you really follow the Daily Practice Every Day?YES! We follow and live every bit of what we coach within Power Mom. Are we perfect – NO. But it isn’t often that we fall off the “Daily Practice” train. If we do, the simplicity and clarity of each step allows us to get right back on track. 🚂
2) What should I do next no matter what?👇👇👇📲 Grab our FREE TRAINING HERE.


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