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momma’s to girl/boy twins.

See that? We’re not just MOMS and we know you aren’t either!

 We want to help you Crush Mom Guilt; It’s your time to Transform Your Life from CRAPPY to HAPPY and Ignite Your Inner Greatness ASAP!

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Mom guilt. It’s the deep, dark side of motherhood that no one talks about. But it’s there, and it’s real.


In this FREE training you'll learn how to live your life full of energy, confidence, strength, & self-love...All Without Mom Guilt.


"I've wanted weight loss and sisterhood, but today I found that this is so much more. This is about personal growth and not feeling guilty for putting my happiness first." - Monica

Power Mom Coaching Courses

Empowered with years of coaching experience, our programs are created to meet

you where you’re at within your personal journey.

Our programs will help you build a powerful and personalized

Daily Practice that takes you from:

Exhausted 👉 Energized

Unmotivated 👉 Strong & Confident

Mom Guilt 👉 Self-Love

“When things spiral out of control, I self-sabotage and allow negative thoughts to take over. But through Power Mom VIP, and working with Trina and Tara,

I’ve learned that I am responsible for how I respond to things. I now do the

“Daily Practice” every day, and I’m improving. I now believe in myself and know my WHY. Trina and Tara have saved my life by giving me the gift of the

Power Mom VIP program. I am beyond grateful.

For this, I owe them more than I could ever repay.”

- Cheryl K

“Mom guilt. It’s the deep, dark side of motherhood that no one talks about. But it’s there, and it’s real. In everyday decisions, guilt seeps through the cracks of your mom-soul, and you question if you are

giving, doing, and being enough.

It robs you of giving time to yourself.


You are NOT ALONE.

Crush Mom Guilt is a book co-authored by

Trina and Tara O’Brien, former collegiate

athletes, and co-founders of Power Mom. This book will empower and inspire you to

overcome the deep-seated feelings of regret and imperfection that often accompany


In Crush Mom Guilt, you will find the motivation and guidance you need to Ignite

Your Inner Greatness and become strong and confident... all without mom guilt.

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